Paris is always a good idea…


Last year, as many of you already know, I was studying abroad in Portugal and got to celebrate my birthday (October 3rd) being there, so two weeks after my actual birthday, I decided to go to Paris with a brazilian friend who invited me to go with him and other two brazilian girl who I’ve never met before and I’m going to tell you all about… As long as I can remember I alwatys dreamt of going to Paris because I have an aunt who travelled way too much and always brought me things from Paris, she told me everything I know about the beautiful city and was definitely a dream come true to visit it. I’ll tell you about everything that we got to see and some tips if you want to visit Paris very soon! hope you like it!!

Before we even got to Paris we had to take a bus to Porto city because our flight was from Porto to Paris. I remember I was getting extremely sick and was really hard to even be ready to leave for Porto, a friend called me and he had to pick me up because of how bad I was feeling. So needless to say, it was tiring getting to Porto, spending the whole night there, leaving to Paris, and lastly, we had to take a bus from the airport to the city because we travelled to Beauvais which is like 1 hour away from the city.

Day 1

Once we actually got to Paris, the bus left us at a mall near a subway station, and since I was going with two girls that I didn’t know, I was only talking with my friend Memo. He was the one translating for me cause at that time I still couldn’t fully understand portuguese and none of the girls spoke english or spanish. So he just told me that we were going to walk to our hotel (with all our bags) because they don’t want to spend any money on a cab or uber. And so, we started walking and I didn’t know A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! so it was a little stressful because I just had to trust whatever the girls decided was the best idea. We walked at least for 1 hour with our bags on our shoulders, but at least we got a pretty good look of the city, and passed right beside Moulin Rouge.



After walking another few minutes, we finally arrived in our hotel and got to change my clothes which were covered in sweat from all that walking and not being able to take out my coat, got a quick bath and a little rest so we could go out and explore the city of my dreams. It was a very cloudy day so we had to go somewhere that wasn’t outdoors, and so, we decided to go to the Louvre.

paris 2.jpg

paris 3

paris 4

Please excuse my face, I had no make up on and was really sick, lol!


Day 2

On our second day in Paris we already knew what we wanted to do… see the Eiffel Tower (of course). And so, we left our hotel around 9 a.m. and our first stop was Notre Dame in front on the Seine River and I can honestly say that entering Notre Dame was LIFE CHANGING. Definitely the most beautiful building I have ver seen in my life. I couldn’t even take pictures because I didn’t know what I wanted to capture, so instead, I decided to enjoy the moment and let myself be amazed by all the beauty surrounding me.


After that, I almost got robbed (but that’s a whole other story which I’ll tell later) we went all the way to the Jardin Du Luxembourg, and let me tell you, in case you don’t know, you can actually see a little peek of the Eiffel Tower from there. However, you do have to walk quite a lot to get there by foot, but you get a good glimpse at the streets of this beautiful city.


On our way we stopped to take pictures at the Musée de l’Armée, unfortunately it wasn’t open that day, so we couldn’t get in, but still got some pretty cool shots outside of it. Take a look! What do you think??


Then we continued our journey to finally meet the Eiffel Tower and speaking for myself, I was excited as I have never been in my whole entire life. I felt like a child again, and kept singing in my head the song from “Devil Wears Prada” when they get to Paris, I don’t know why, lol!

And when we finally got there, we were running like little kids and being happy about every single detail of it…. Only by remembering it I get a little shaky and a little emotional about it. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day. Definitely one of the best days of my entire life!!



Day 3

As you can imagine, on our third day we were feeling a little tired from all the walking we did the days before, but the excitement was far greater than any pain or discomfort on our legs. So, on that day we decided to go to Chateau de Versailles and again… we were surprised with every single detail, I felt like a princess during the time we were there. Fortunately, we found out that being students gave us free entrance to the Palace, we just had to pay 10 euros for visiting the garden. (Totally worth it!) Keep in mind that Versailles closes at 5 p.m. so by the time you get back to Paris, you still have time to visit another place or just stroll around the city and get to know it a little better so we took advantage of that and went ahead to the Arc de Triomphe.


Day 4

Our last day in Paris, we had only a few hours before our plane left, so we had to wake up extra early to get to see the Sacré Coeur and buy a few chocolates and macarons!!

We actually got to see a wedding photoshoot outside of the Sacré Coeur and immediately I though “Wedding Goals” don’t you think?



Anyway, that’s basically the main things I did while I was in Paris, if you would like to know more about it, please let me know or if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them and let you know a few tips in case you’re visiting Paris any time soon. Thank you!!


Yrene Mariela







Atkins week 1



As many people, one of my goals for this 2017 is to lose weight, but my actual goal is to have the best body and be the healthiest I’ve ever been in all my life.

Since I came back to Mexico, I knew I wanted to lose weight and had to do something about it; I did an extensive research about my body type, different diets and came accross ATKINS, I used to do a diet very similar to it a long time ago and it was the only one that really worked wonders on me, turns out, I’m somehow intolerant to certain carbs and that’s why when I cut them off, I was able to lose weight relatively quickly. In case you haven’t Heard about the Atkins diet before, it is a low-carb diet and has four phases, right now I’m on the Phase 1, you need to stay in this phase for a mínimum of two weeks, but can continue it in case you have a lot of excess weight or you want to lose weight quickly.

In case you are considering doing the Atkins diet, I encourage you to learn everything you can from this diet, go to their webpage, look at the reviews, testimonies, etc.

Here on the blog I’m going to be posting how personally has worked for me, examples of what I have eaten during the week. However, I’m not going to weight myself until May 25th, I will be doing phase 1 for 10 weeks straight. I’m only going to tell you if I have dropped inches and sizes and my starting weight.

Starting weight

(200lbs – 90kgs)

Starting measurments

Chest 111 cm – 43.5 inches

Waist 82 cm – 32 inches

Hips 122 cm – 48 inches

Current weight

(188lbs – 85kgs)

Current measurments

  Chest 107 cm – 42 inches

Waist 79 cm – 31 inches

  Hips 119 cm – 46.5 inches

Let me just start by saying that doing Atkins is not the easiest job when you love Candy and sweet things, as well as breads and pasta. I have eaten so many veggies and I have sticked to the 20gr of net carbs per day. I’m not gonna lie, the first days were really hard and it’s ususally because of all the changes in your body, I had to be very careful of not letting myself get too hungry, otherwise I end up feeling really anxious with out any reason. That’s probably what I would recommend a 100% is that you don’t let yourself get too hungry, cause you can probably eat whatever you can at that time. Take your time to know exactly what you’re going to eat. And if you’re really into sweet things, atkins has chocolate bars that have a really small amount of net carbs and you can have them as dessert. I usually buy them at Walmart and they are really cheap… Here are some links for you to have a look, just click on the pictures 😉


Anyway, I’ll be posting my progress each week and posting what has worked for me in order to continue the Atkins diet without cheating. I’ll be doing the Phase 1 until May 25th!

Hope you like it and see you next week!!







Farewell 2016

Can’t belive this amazing year has come to an end… I could, without a doubt, say it’s been one of my favorite and best years of all my life. It has been filled with amazing new people, adventures, laughter, life lessons, travels, and much much more!

I’m sad that it ends and that I’m far away from my family to say goodbye to it, but at the same time I have a huge excitement to see what 2017 will have for us! Aren’t you? I am beyond grateful for what I got to experience this year and will forever cherish it in my heart. If I talked about every adventure I got to live this year, I would end at the end of 2017, so for now… I’ll just post a picture summarizing everything that happened and how lucky and blesses I feel for having lived it with such amazing people!

Hope you all have a wonderful NYE filled with love and joy! and always remember to keep a good and expecting attitude towards the new year we are about to begin. Thank you soo so much ! 

Here are some of the highlights of this year:

1. Began the year in a trip with my family

2. Got to participate in a Model U. N. in San Diego

3. Saw San Diego lots of times

4. Travelled with some of my best friends to Monterrey, Nuevo León

5. Travelled by myself to one of the biggest and intimidating cities of the world (Mexico City)

6. Worked in the logistic department of a world-known company 

7. My dog had PUPPIES for the first time ever!! 

8. Moved to Europe

9. Got to see Paris, as I always imagined

10. Travelled with new friends to a beautiful beach in Portugal.

11. Lost a lot of weight

12. Got to represent my country with people who are eager to know more about it

So, what have been some of the highlights of your year? I’d love to know about it… Again, thank you very much!

Yrene Mariela

Shopping around London

Hey there! As I mentioned before, during my stay here in Portugal I have been traveliing a lot and my last travel was to London! Definitely a dream come true! I will later talk about the whole trip in one single post but for now… I just want to share a few things I bought during my stay. (Links to the products right under them)

1. The Moschino Fresh Couture, I saw it on a blog and fell in love with how amazingly cool it looks, and when I smelled it, there was no way I could not have it. Perfect Christmas present.


2. H&M Jersey Dress, It’s one of those dresses that doesn’t really get your attention when it is on the rack but honestly, it’s super comfy, casual but classy and it has pockets!! I just paired it up with black thights and ankle boots for a night out. 


3. Topshop iPhone case. Where do I begin to explain how obssessed I am with this case? It’s seriously so pretty and fun at the same time. Definitely something that catches your eye and kinda looks very unique. Hope you like it as much as I do. 


4. Bershka ankle boots. Last but definitely not least, these ankle boots were absolutely love at first sight, sadly, I don’t think they would be available in the USA, but in all Europe it is. They are really comfy, classy, perfect for any outfit, and affordable! 

Later on, I will posts photos of outfit ideas with these boots because I have the feeling I will be wearing them a lot! 

Yrene Mariela

Get to know me

Hello everybody! I’ve been having this crazy idea that didn’t leave my head about starting a blog just to write all my new experiences and maybe share some tips with people who want to do the same. Anyway, I’m here and I want to share a little bit of myself before I actually begin to start telling about my stories before a background. My name is Yrene Mariela, I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Mexico / California and right now I’m living ABROAD. Since September 7th I left my normal life in Mexico and began this crazy abroad life thanks to an exchange program in my university. 

Never in a million years did I ever imagined this dream of mine would actually come true. I remember being really young and listening to my aunt’s stories about Europe and dreaming of one day living here. Never really thought I had what it takes to leave your hometown and come to an unknown world with unknown people and a totally different culture. 

Many things that happened in my life early this year led me to actually taking the courage of applying to this exchange program, I first started with the idea of going to Canada, cause it’s not too far from Mexico and I’m very used to using USD currency, so it would be a huge difference but I kinda would be still in something somehow “known”. So then the university in Alberta, Canada, told me that they no longer were accepting applicants for the fall semester, so I had to choose something in the USA, even though I always wanted to be in Europe, I thought my parents wouldn’t like the idea of me being so far from home and also, I was a little scared of being that far. Long story short… non of the universities in the USA were accepting applicants anymore, so I had to choose a university from a list they sent me with the schools around the world that were still accepting applicants, and that’s how I chose Portugal

It’s definitely a dream come true of how doors opened up and how crazy things got for me since then. I had the blessing of both of my parents and a scholarship that would grant me the comfort of paying a decent flat and eating whatever I wanted during my stay here. 

I want to tell you about the amazing things I’ve learned here and even before coming here, I’m still in this journey until March of 2017 and want to make the most out of it. I hope you really enjoy it and feel absolutely free to ask questions and even recommend topics if you want me to talk about them later on. 

Let’s begin this journey together and hope we all learn together.

Yrene Mariela