Atkins week 1



As many people, one of my goals for this 2017 is to lose weight, but my actual goal is to have the best body and be the healthiest I’ve ever been in all my life.

Since I came back to Mexico, I knew I wanted to lose weight and had to do something about it; I did an extensive research about my body type, different diets and came accross ATKINS, I used to do a diet very similar to it a long time ago and it was the only one that really worked wonders on me, turns out, I’m somehow intolerant to certain carbs and that’s why when I cut them off, I was able to lose weight relatively quickly. In case you haven’t Heard about the Atkins diet before, it is a low-carb diet and has four phases, right now I’m on the Phase 1, you need to stay in this phase for a mínimum of two weeks, but can continue it in case you have a lot of excess weight or you want to lose weight quickly.

In case you are considering doing the Atkins diet, I encourage you to learn everything you can from this diet, go to their webpage, look at the reviews, testimonies, etc.

Here on the blog I’m going to be posting how personally has worked for me, examples of what I have eaten during the week. However, I’m not going to weight myself until May 25th, I will be doing phase 1 for 10 weeks straight. I’m only going to tell you if I have dropped inches and sizes and my starting weight.

Starting weight

(200lbs – 90kgs)

Starting measurments

Chest 111 cm – 43.5 inches

Waist 82 cm – 32 inches

Hips 122 cm – 48 inches

Current weight

(188lbs – 85kgs)

Current measurments

  Chest 107 cm – 42 inches

Waist 79 cm – 31 inches

  Hips 119 cm – 46.5 inches

Let me just start by saying that doing Atkins is not the easiest job when you love Candy and sweet things, as well as breads and pasta. I have eaten so many veggies and I have sticked to the 20gr of net carbs per day. I’m not gonna lie, the first days were really hard and it’s ususally because of all the changes in your body, I had to be very careful of not letting myself get too hungry, otherwise I end up feeling really anxious with out any reason. That’s probably what I would recommend a 100% is that you don’t let yourself get too hungry, cause you can probably eat whatever you can at that time. Take your time to know exactly what you’re going to eat. And if you’re really into sweet things, atkins has chocolate bars that have a really small amount of net carbs and you can have them as dessert. I usually buy them at Walmart and they are really cheap… Here are some links for you to have a look, just click on the pictures 😉


Anyway, I’ll be posting my progress each week and posting what has worked for me in order to continue the Atkins diet without cheating. I’ll be doing the Phase 1 until May 25th!

Hope you like it and see you next week!!








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