Shopping around London

Hey there! As I mentioned before, during my stay here in Portugal I have been traveliing a lot and my last travel was to London! Definitely a dream come true! I will later talk about the whole trip in one single post but for now… I just want to share a few things I bought during my stay. (Links to the products right under them)

1. The Moschino Fresh Couture, I saw it on a blog and fell in love with how amazingly cool it looks, and when I smelled it, there was no way I could not have it. Perfect Christmas present.


2. H&M Jersey Dress, It’s one of those dresses that doesn’t really get your attention when it is on the rack but honestly, it’s super comfy, casual but classy and it has pockets!! I just paired it up with black thights and ankle boots for a night out. 


3. Topshop iPhone case. Where do I begin to explain how obssessed I am with this case? It’s seriously so pretty and fun at the same time. Definitely something that catches your eye and kinda looks very unique. Hope you like it as much as I do. 


4. Bershka ankle boots. Last but definitely not least, these ankle boots were absolutely love at first sight, sadly, I don’t think they would be available in the USA, but in all Europe it is. They are really comfy, classy, perfect for any outfit, and affordable! 

Later on, I will posts photos of outfit ideas with these boots because I have the feeling I will be wearing them a lot! 

Yrene Mariela


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