Farewell 2016

Can’t belive this amazing year has come to an end… I could, without a doubt, say it’s been one of my favorite and best years of all my life. It has been filled with amazing new people, adventures, laughter, life lessons, travels, and much much more!

I’m sad that it ends and that I’m far away from my family to say goodbye to it, but at the same time I have a huge excitement to see what 2017 will have for us! Aren’t you? I am beyond grateful for what I got to experience this year and will forever cherish it in my heart. If I talked about every adventure I got to live this year, I would end at the end of 2017, so for now… I’ll just post a picture summarizing everything that happened and how lucky and blesses I feel for having lived it with such amazing people!

Hope you all have a wonderful NYE filled with love and joy! and always remember to keep a good and expecting attitude towards the new year we are about to begin. Thank you soo so much ! 

Here are some of the highlights of this year:

1. Began the year in a trip with my family

2. Got to participate in a Model U. N. in San Diego

3. Saw San Diego lots of times

4. Travelled with some of my best friends to Monterrey, Nuevo León

5. Travelled by myself to one of the biggest and intimidating cities of the world (Mexico City)

6. Worked in the logistic department of a world-known company 

7. My dog had PUPPIES for the first time ever!! 

8. Moved to Europe

9. Got to see Paris, as I always imagined

10. Travelled with new friends to a beautiful beach in Portugal.

11. Lost a lot of weight

12. Got to represent my country with people who are eager to know more about it

So, what have been some of the highlights of your year? I’d love to know about it… Again, thank you very much!

Yrene Mariela


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